X-Men’s DARK PHOENIX Comes Out This Week, So We Should Probably Impeach Trump ASAP, Right?

The DARK PHOENIX film premieres this week, representing the second cinematic version of, arguably, the most important story arc in the history of the X-Comics. But in the real world, Donny Trump, astonishingly, is still our President. (Fair warning, this post is purposefully premised on a non sequitur, but there’ll also be pretty art from…

Did Nobody Notice The Fox X-MEN Films Universe-Building An All-Asian-X-Women Team?

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE comes out this week, and, whether by design or accident, brings us a step closer to the All-Asian-Women X-Men team that, to my knowledge, has never happened before, even in the comics (there have been a few all-female-X-teams). Ironically, this is a progressive casting leap developed in the X-Cinematic-Universe, moreso than in the source material….