What GODZILLA, An Asian-American Icon, Has Been Trying To Tell Us For Like 65 Godzilladamned Years Now

What better way to close out Asian Pacific American Heritage Month than with release of a new GODZILLA film by director Michael Dougherty, who is of mixed-race Asian heritage (his mother is Vietnamese) from Columbus, Ohio. As we know, one of Godzilla‚Äôs most endearing traits is he hardly, if ever, says anything in a language…

Did Nobody Notice The Fox X-MEN Films Universe-Building An All-Asian-X-Women Team?

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE comes out this week, and, whether by design or accident, brings us a step closer to the All-Asian-Women X-Men team that, to my knowledge, has never happened before, even in the comics (there have been a few all-female-X-teams). Ironically, this is a progressive casting leap developed in the X-Cinematic-Universe, moreso than in the source material….