19 CAPTAIN MARVEL Easter Eggs & Rad References You Might’ve Missed Because 2019 Itself Is A Total Shitstorm

….And it’s looking like ‘19 is going to be another terrible year for the planet, am I right? And yet we still push ahead. SPOILERS for the CAPTAIN MARVEL film ahead, as well as fun facts, science-fiction trivia, and Marvel Minutiae: 1. The score by Pinar Toprak is like, damn. I would opine, a bad-ass score….

I Hate My Blog, Too: MC Frontalot, Baddd Spellah, LEX, & Gm7 on NET SPLIT

MC Frontalot’s new album NET SPLIT: OR, THE FATHOMLESS HEARTBREAK OF ONLINE ITSELF dropped this weekend. (Or, is it still dropping? Is the moment of album-drop an indivisible quantum thing? Probably no one cares.) Five years in the making, NET SPLIT is in some sense a concept breakup album, in which the Godfather of Nerdcore…