OCCUPY ME, A Science-Fictional Podcast From Melancholyball & Nerds Of Color, Premieres Today

Here’s the first episode of OCCUPY ME, a new science-fiction audio drama presented by Melancholyball Media and Hard NOC Media / The Nerds of Color.

OCCUPY ME Episode 1, from Hard NOC Media & Melancholyball

Season 1 is planned for 9 episodes to be released monthly. We’re the first fictional narrative from Hard NOC’s family of podcasts. You’re awesome if you’d listen, subscribe, rate and review the show over at Apple Podcasts.

OCCUPY ME draws from a longform story I’ve been working on for a while in various formats (screenplay, novella, restroom wall scribble). I believe it’ll turn out that the premise is best-suited for the audio drama form. It’s a comedy and an adventure and a little bit a love story; it’s a lot about the imagined politics of psychic body possession, a healthy slaw of pop-culture referentiality, and also a whole bunch of geeky superhero-ish apocalyptic events are gonna happen.

The stellar voice cast includes Erin Quill, Marc Abrigo, Britney Monae, Jessika Rodrigues, Andrea Guidry, Michael Ouyang, Eric Cheung, and Will Hammond. The show also features music by Timo Chen and sound design by Andres Coca, with a grateful shout-out to Will Storkson. In keeping with the Nerds Of Color’s mission statement, I’m pleased to have a main cast and crew comprised entirely of people of color. Over the course of our first season we’ll use science-fiction tropes to explore race, gender, and current events, through the lens of extraterrestrial visitors who come from a place far, far away from here.

If you enjoy this sort of stuff, please share it around and traffic our pages! Comments, feedback, suggestions welcomed. Specific queries and complaints about the story or hard/softness of the science fiction, all that can be directed at me ’cause I wrote the thing.

Also, supporting the show through my Patreon page never hurts! It means a lot to independent productions like ours.

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