MELANCHOLYBALL Season A Is On The Way! Support Via Patreon And It’ll Happen!

This here blog is also the hub for my production company, Melancholyball Media. I’m pleased to announce that our slate of projects-in-development has reached the stage where we may as well call it what it is: A full season of independently-produced live entertainment, stage performances, videos and theme parties, ideally to culminate in production of our first episodic TV show! And goodness knows, we need your help to make it happen! The easiest way to make a micro-donation is via my Patreon page. A contribution of $1 a month (adjust amount at any time, cancel any time) instantly unlocks both “Producer” and “Patron of the arts” on your already-impressive list of life achievements.

The tentative slate for Melancholyball Season A includes:

– Staged reading and workshop production of CALAFIA DREAMING: A STORY OF SECESSION (full-length stage play)
– Staged reading and workshop production of WAITING FOR GAL GADOT (parody/mashup of Samuel Beckett & The DC Universe)
– An Avengers-themed cuisine party in July, featuring special superhero-inspired sweet and savory creations by Kiri Mah
– Concept trailer and webisode prologue for JQK (an original sci-fi/dystopian/dark comedy episodic series)
– More #cosplaykaraoke videos for my youtube channel (including, gosh willing, some original songs!)
– Weekly pop-culture/political/science-fiction/comic-themed content here at Melancholyball and also at The Nerds Of Color

We’re trying to put this one on at San Diego Comic-Con this year, in (Beckett-style existential) anticipation of next year’s WW84!

All these projects have their hard costs, but fortunately, as indie artists, we know how to keep the hard costs manageable and how to make our supporters’ dollars go a long way. Honestly, I’d much prefer 100 people to contribute $1-2 bucks a month than one person contribute a big chunk of their own hard-earned money, because that’s closer to the model of how I wished the arts were funded in our society. (Don’t get me wrong, if you feel like investing $1000 or $10,000 bucks in the season, I’ll be ecstatic, but at that point it’s preferable that you’d write a direct check, sidestep this crowdfunding platform, and we would work out a formal investor agreement along with a special perk so delicious it can’t even be described here). So, as the sayings go, every $1 counts, every share/repost is appreciated, cancel any time for any reason or no reason!

All patreons at any level will receive, as perks:

– Invitation and free admission to our staged performances (pending venue size and number of performances)
– The option to have your name listed on our programs, video credits, as well as in the script for CALAFIA DREAMING
– Invitation to our theme-cuisine party (again, pending venue capacity)
– Access to bonus content at, including private-link videos and Dom’s “Unpopular Opinion” posts

I’m not so great at the “tiered rewards” stuff, because again, the $1 contributions are as valuable and appreciated as the $36 ones, but of course the $36 patreonages literally buy more of the stuff needed to make the season happen, so should receive some commensurate perk-ation. Here are the general tiers, which roughly coincide with the tiers listed elsewhere on the Patreon site — the point is, if you throw in a few bucks, you get a perk of some kind; it’s just that the exact type of perk is subject to change based on what I have in stock and which fruits are in season, so to speak:

$1-$8 – you will get a nice thing that can be mailed in a regular envelope: a sticker, a gift card/coupon, an autographed program

$8-$36 – a surprise gift in a slightly larger envelope – a comic book, a t-shirt, a flash drive with something fun on it

$36+ – you will get one of our AOC/superhero mashup shirts (a portion of the patreonage will be donated to AOC’s office) and a personalized poem, and the option to make a cameo appearance in one of our video shorts

I greatly appreciate all the people who have supported these projects thus far, and hope that the community of patrons can grow to the point where we can fulfill Melancholyball Season A to the highest artistic standard of which we are capable. Thanks to you all, and as always, feel free to pester me with clarification questions and chat on Facebook (dominic.mah), follow me on Twitter or IG @dommah, and don’t be shy about sharing this page and making #melancholyball a thing on your own social media spheres. 

A perk that you may obtain through impulsive generosity!

(Special thanks to Jae Suh, Michael Dorman, Alissa Magrill, Jessika Rodrigues, Antrina Crawford, Kiri Mah, and Damian Hess for contributing to the preview images above.)

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