AVENGERS:ENDGAME Spoiler-Saturated Super-Strong Podcast With The NERDS OF COLOR!

Keith Chow from NOC and I assemble many, though hardly all, of our thoughts on Marvel’s AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

Among other topics, I try to disambiguate a common misunderstanding about SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH, as it’s conceived in comic books. Superhuman strength has nothing to do with human body type: you can be short, tall, wide, skinny, but if you get hit with a tureen of radioactive salsa at the right moment, you too can gain permanent superhuman strength. To wit: Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Daredevil all gotta work out to maintain their high-level normal human strength. Captain America has to do maintenance workouts, although his workouts are more effective than any regular person’s workouts because his metabolism works at peak human efficiency. Contrast: Thor, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, do NOT have to work out. They literally just wake up like that. Jessica Jones could do no cardio for a year and eat fried ham hocks every day, and she would still be able to lift a car without even trying too hard. Thor, even when he is chubby, drunk, or undernourished, is still at least 1000 times stronger than Captain America. They fudge this in the movies a bit for effect (no, Captain America cannot actually lift a helicopter, but it’s a good scene in a movie) but the point I’d stress is that the Avengers’ perfectly-toned bodies are an aesthetic byproduct of their movie-star training regimen, which is great eye candy, but is not related to superhuman strength.

(Short version of ^that^ is: Jessica Jones can lift more than Captain America, always, any day of the week, unless she gets hit with some sorta un-superpowering plot device.)

Which is not to say, don’t exercise, ‘cos obviously it’s good for you and also alleviates depressive mind states. It’s just, if you happen to be lucky enough to get splashed with that radioactive salsa that alters your muscle density forever, you have been the beneficiary of a lifetime life-hack, and you can cancel your membership to the gym, unless going to the gym just makes you happy for some weird reason.

And also, sometimes to achieve a feat of great strength, you just gotta be worthy in your own mind.

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